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The Spice Master Indian restaurant is fast becoming one of the city's most loved five star indian restaurants, delivering to you the highest quality Indian cuisine without compromise.

We ensure this by engaging award-winning chefs who cook using best quality, locally sourced produce!


  • The Restaurant

    ...from an award-winning team

    When you step into The Spicemaster Indian Restaurant you will be entering a place where the highest priority is put on knowing the provenance of the food that you will be eating. We procure the best quality meats from local butchers and fish mongers. Vegetables are also purchased from local suppliers and we strive to purchase locally produced ingredients whenever possible. The result is that our award-winning chefs are cooking your meal with the best ingredients available.

  • Wines & Beers

    ...from vintage to premium.

    Your dining experience will be enhanced when your meal is accompanied by good wine or beer appropriate to the dish. At The Spicemaster Indian Restaurant you will find a selection of beers and wine unrivalled by any other Indian restaurant in the city. Choose from a wide range that encompasses perennial popular Indian beers and table wines through to the finest vintage wines and premium beers.

  • Take-Away

    ...without compromise

    Sometimes you just want to hunker down for a good meal with friends & family, or watching a good movie, in the comfort of your own home. We ensure that you don't have to compromise on the quality of your meal because it's takeaway! Our award-winning chefs are passionate about ensuring that the same high-quality meals are delivered to all of our customers all of the time, whether in the restaurant or take-away.